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Green Hop is a recreational cannabis dispensary featuring a new, exciting twist on the retail experience. The 1st Historical Hip Hop dispensary in the world that offers an Art and Digital technology experience. 

Green Hop is a link between musicians, art, and cannabis! Hip hop and cannabis have been intertwined since the genre rose up from its roots in the streets of the 1970s. DJ Kool Herc laid the foundation, Grandmaster Flash created the technique, and Afrika Bambaataa organized to help birth a culture called Hip Hop.

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More Than a Dispensary, Our shop is a Hip-Hop EXPERIENCE like no other!

Community Centered

Green Hop is locally owned and the first black owned dispensary in Oregon. We do everything we can to give back with community events, and education programs.

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A Hip-Hop Capsule

Education is key! We make sure our Budtenders are well informed bout all our products and in the know about advancements in the industry.