Welcome To Green Hop

Green Hop The Hip Hop Dispensary

Green Hop is a recreational cannabis dispensary featuring a new, exciting twist on the retail experience. The 1st Historical Hip Hop dispensary in the world that offers an Art and Digital technology experience.

Green Hop is a link between musicians, art, and cannabis! Hip hop and cannabis have been intertwined since the genre rose up from its roots in the streets of the 1970s. DJ Kool Herc laid the foundation, Grandmaster Flash created the technique, and Afrika Bambaataa organized to help birth a culture called Hip Hop.

Our Commitment to Educate and Empower

The Green Hop Academy is a cannabis workforce incubator to racially diversify the cannabis industry with an accelerated training and apprenticeship program that connects historically underserved populations with knowledge of the cannabis industry from seed to sale.

We are advocates for health and wellness. Dedicated to increase economic opportunities for people of color. We support these efforts through using our events as fundraisers for The Green Hop Academy to support our efforts to bring more people of color in the cannabis industry.


In The Spotlight

We have had the honor of being feature on many publications. By far, our favorite article is by the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN). They highlight the founders, two public school teachers from Northeast Portland. Green Hop opened with support of city grants to fund the Green Hop Academy. With open arms, city Commissioner Amanda Fritz, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Congressman Earl Blumenauer welcomed Crews and Kennedy back into their neighborhood and stood with them in their efforts to empower their community.

We recommend you give the article “TWO TEACHERS CHANGE THE CANNABIS GAME” a full read and we thank you for your support as we move forward.

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